How Working Moms Can Save Time?

How Working Moms Can Save Time

It’s just an understatement to say that everyone is busy these days. However, if you are a working mom, when you come home from the hospital after giving birth to your first child, you are likely to look back “Busy” in the mirror. I can contact you. In the busy and demanding field of nursing and healthcare management, I raised two children and at the same time stepped into the corporate ladder, so I know how elusive and precious this spare time is.

The good news is that even the busiest mother, even the craziest day, can take out breathing space. Whether you use it to work, take care of others, or take care of yourself (I recommend the latter), you can achieve a lot in the “busy minutes”. Although very little “extra time” helps everyone, working mothers know how to really make them count-even a 15-minute window can feel the potential of an hour.

But I don’t have to tell you. If you are like most working mothers, then life is likely to be rigid. However, let me assure you that there are many ways to take less time to do more things to the next level. This is my tip.

Watch this video “Top Time Management Tips for Working Moms!!”(15 mins 18 seconds)

1) Let go of mother’s inner feelings

It is often thought that mothers will “give up” their children while working full-time, while fathers are expected to go to work to “provide a life for the family.” Why do we still have this sexist stereotype in our seemingly progressive society?

Some women do not have the right to be a full-time mother, while others choose to go back to work because they do not want to give up their career. Whatever the reason, deciding to be a mother is an admirable choice, not a judgment or humiliation. If you feel guilty about not being with your children, you should let go.

Pay attention to the positive aspects of your work life that contribute to your family. Be sure that you are making the best choice for the whole family (including yourself), and your child will feel the level of love and understand your sacrifice.

2) Use time-saving techniques

To accomplish the most work in the shortest time, use shortcuts, and plan strategically.

Order groceries online and use a roadside pickup or deliver them to your house; this saves time and ensures you don’t forget anything.

Schedule teleconferences during your commute and schedule quick errands during your lunch break to save a week.

Prepare clothes and lunch the night before, so you can enjoy the fun of the morning without having to go out on time.

3) Find a childcare provider you trust

Knowing that your children are being cared for is essential for you to maintain inner peace at work. Find a nursery, a babysitter, or a child you know.

A good nursery school should have flexible hours, a low teacher-student ratio, a clean and spacious environment, and the latest license.

For a nanny, please look for a nanny with rich experience and rich reference materials. There must be at least one trial day to see if it is appropriate and to clarify all your expectations from the beginning. If possible, please keep in touch throughout the day and ask you to provide the latest news and photos of your children.

4) Pay attention to the screen time.

We worry about the children’s screening time, but what about our own time? Between watching Netflix or Hulu feverishly and scrolling through social media feeds, we can flick our fingers most of the time.

Don’t get me wrong. I 100% believe that there is a relaxing time every day. If that means scrolling through Instagram or watching late-night shows with your husband, then so be it. Just make sure it’s purposeful time and not casual effort.

5) Re-evaluate your to-do list

If the content of your to-do list is not very important, start from the beginning.

Personally, I think that spending a lot of time on the child’s hair is a complete waste of time (I mean this is the mother of 4 little girls). I mean, if you get great joy and satisfaction from making complicated hairstyles on your child’s head, please kick yourself out.

But if you don’t do this. If you feel that you just want to meet some outside expectations, come on. it. go.

This principle applies to everything you should do if you want to meet outside expectations, but it doesn’t actually help you. It may take an hour to prepare for people to see you. Or when you really don’t have time to participate in your child’s school or church project.

Identify the parts that are really important to you, and then let go of the rest.

6) Meal plan

Have you ever eaten dinner without planning it, and your brain just refuses to think long enough to make some suggestions?

The mother’s mind is the worst when eating. However, this situation can be easily avoided through a weekly meal plan.

First, planning ahead means that you can ensure that you get all the ingredients you need on your grocery list, thus avoiding unnecessary shopping trips. Second, when you are exhausted and your children are lying on the floor, you don’t have to put together some dinner, as if you didn’t feed them this week.

Tip: Have a routine weekly planning meeting on weekends, you can sit there and plan your meals for the next week. I plan the entire week every Sunday afternoon, including meals, exercise, appointments, shopping lists, and priorities.

7) Grocery store once a week (at most)

If you already have a weekly meal plan, this is easy. Because you know what you need this week.

Make sure you keep a reliable shopping list (I use the Wunderlist app on my phone to track my shopping list).

8) Stick to a few stores.

I want to take advantage of the best deal, but is the hassle of shopping at one million stores really worth it?

I used to do this, dragging 4 children under 4 years old to look for prey near the town. I spent a lot of time and a lot of gasoline (not to mention the tears in the car), I decided to stick to only 3 shops near my house. In any given week, I will only go to one or two of them.

My advice? Choose 2-3 stores where you can meet about 95% of your shopping needs. The rest is run using Amazon and occasional special stores.