How to Choose an Electric Bike

How to Choose an Electric Bike

Riding an electric bicycle or electric bicycle for the first time feels like discovering a superpower. This is because the pedal-assisted electric bicycle expands your two-wheel drive possibilities.

You can maintain stopped and stopped traffic conditions, drag children or goods more easily, reduce sweating at the destination, or just enjoy while riding A little extra fun otherwise it may seem too much or too hilly.

Electric bicycles were initially divided into the same categories as traditional bicycles: mountain and road, as well as urban, hybrid, cruiser, freight, and folding bicycle market segments.

For an overview of the basic categories of bicycles, read how to choose a bicycle.

Electric mountain bike

Electric mountain bikes are undoubtedly very suitable for cycling and off-road driving. But don’t count on them on the street either.

Electric mountain bikes with a lower price range can be made into excellent commuter electric bikes. Such bicycles are usually hardtail vehicles, which means they do not have a rear suspension. Instead, they usually have only one front suspension fork.

Their suspension may not be enough for hard-core off-road riding, but they are usually enough to make potholes at work.

Mountain electric bicycle

Haibike is fully suspended on the left, and Magnum Peak with hardtail on the right

If you really want to jump on an electric bike and do any serious downhill mountain biking, then you can consider using a downhill electric mountain bike.

These bicycles are manufactured to higher standards and are designed to withstand years of punishment. Things like dropping a 10-foot (3 meters) table and reliably jumping one after another are equivalent to an electric downhill bike.

Companies such as Haibike and Greyp produce such electric bicycles but expect to pay high fees.

Electric cruiser bike

The cruiser is built for cruising. Electric cruiser bikes are focused on comfort and style.

They usually have large plush seats and tall handlebars, which move backward. The pedals are usually installed more forward, which allows the rider to lay his feet flat on the stopping point.

The cruiser is the epitome of the ATV. Usually, the pneumatic tires of the tires are within 3 inches, although the tires are not as big as the dedicated fat tires.

Pedego is one of the most famous electric cruiser bicycle manufacturers in the United States, and Rayvolt makes me think it is the most beautiful electric cruiser currently.

The cruiser is very suitable for casual riding. However, they are larger and heavier than almost any other type of electric bicycle. This will reduce their maneuverability at low speeds. If your goal is to cruise along a local beach, then a cruiser will be perfect.

Electric road/commuter bike

Electric road and commuter bicycles are a very broad category, including many different types, from hybrids to racing cars, to leisure and even gravel vehicles.

Most tires have many characteristics, including narrower tires, more forward-leaning geometry, narrower saddles, lack of suspension systems, and emphasis on lightweight design.

If your goal is to ride a bicycle as a hobby, and you mostly ride on the street, then an electric road bike is a good choice. These bikes are designed for the most efficient pedaling and are usually the lightest option.

They can often ride easily without any electronic assistance, which is very useful for cyclists who only need help on the mountain. The Raleigh Redux and other bicycles we reviewed are very suitable for this type.

If you plan to use an electric bicycle as a commuter bike, and not necessarily for leisure riding, then you might want to look at the hybrid or even cross-country vehicles.

These usually have slightly wider tires, and their design pays more attention to a strong multi-terrain frame. Rubble bicycles such as Yamaha Wabash also fall into this category.

Although they look more like road bikes, they can cope with tough urban commuting and even some pretty good off-road rides, as we found in our test rides.

Bicycles such as the GenZe 200 series electric bicycles are also optimized for commuting. In the absence of suspension, they can remove expensive parts and focus more on rigid frames that allow proper pedaling and sufficient motor power to make pedaling an optional step.

After a long day of work, this may be great when you just want to zoom in without pedaling.

Other main functions and components of electric bicycles

Of course, your electric bike is more than just its electric motor and battery. Here are more details to consider when comparing electric bikes:

Pedal-assist activation and pedal feel The more performance the bicycle is, the smoother the pedal-assist feel and the faster the response. Test multiple bikes to find the bike that best suits your speed and intensity.

Pedal-assist level: Most bicycles provide 3 or 4 assist levels, allowing you to retain battery power (energy saving mode) or summon more speed and torque (in turbo mode).

Integrated accessories: Many electric bicycles are now equipped with a series of integrated accessories:

Integrated lights on electric bicycles

Lighting: Most commonly found in cities and commuter bikes, this is a nice safety feature. The systems are different, and high-end bicycles have more powerful lighting.

The integrated shelf on an electric bicycle

Rack: These sturdy racks are usually used for freight electric bicycles and can support heavy objects. Electric bicycles can also accommodate a variety of separately purchased racks, although you need to verify that the racks fit your bike model.

LCD display mounted on the handlebar of the electric bicycle

LCD display mounted on the handlebar: A lot of things are happening in electric bicycles, so it would be useful to have a bicycle computer mounted on the handlebar, which allows you to monitor battery life, pedal-assist mode, mileage, speed, etc.

Smartphone integration: High-end electric bicycle electronic products can be wirelessly connected with smartphones. Available applications may include GPS, service logging, and other screen functions. Some apps even allow you to unlock the integrated lock of the bicycle.

Integrated wheel lock on an electric bicycle

Built-in security: Some bicycles have a rear-wheel lock on the frame, while others have a lock on the battery, which can be locked to match the bicycle lock produced by a partner brand (sold separately).

Component quality: Electric bicycles at different price levels represent similar component quality. Cheaper electric bicycles usually do not have high-end features such as smartphone integration, and they also have value-for-money components.

Like ordinary bicycles, advanced brakes, tires, gear levers, and transmission systems will be more durable and respond faster.

Frame: Most electric bicycle frames are made of aluminum, although various frame options (from carbon fiber to steel) are available. The material and design of the frame, as well as the size of the motor and battery, are the biggest contributors to the total weight.

Electric bicycles are usually heavier than conventional bicycles, and the sluggishness is overcome by their electric assist devices. However, lighter bicycles will still be more flexible.

Therefore, if you choose between two other comparable bikes, the lighter model may provide better driving performance.

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