The Bikery

  • The Bikery is now offering certified bike fittings! 
  • We are now selling Argon 18 and Ridley bikes! 

Argon 18

“Argon is one of the elements found in the Periodic Table, which classifies all known forms of matter found in the universe, natural and artificial. We wanted to classify our range of models similarly and so we chose to name them after the elements that surround us.”Visit the website


“From the beginning, reliability, stiffness and strength have been the essence of our design. Why take risks in designing when nature offers some solid and well proven examples?”Visit the website

Quality Bike Parts

“We believe in the ride. We believe in cycling and all that is right about cycling. We work to put more butts on bikes and to create an effective business model that includes environmental and community stewardship, business sustainability and partnership.”Visit the website

Rocky Mountain Bicycles

“We build bikes for people who love to ride. It’s the core of what we do. We know that there are a million different types of riders out there. People who love long, epic rides; people who love sessioning the jump park; people who love cross-country racing, and those who just love it all.”Visit the website

Surlyville Bikes

“In the beginning, Surly made frames, and they were good. Then we made parts. Those were good too. One day we offered a complete bike built around our Cross Check frame. It was good and lots of people bought one and rode it and told others.”Visit the website

Eddy Merckx

“At Eddy Merckx Cycles, bikes are made to give you what you want and what you need in a bike: the perfect combination of strength and lightness; aerodynamic profiles that have been designed for comfort and speed; and equipment and parts chosen for their reliability and long life.”Visit the website

Salsa Cycles

A local bike company based in Bloomington, Minnesota.Visit the website

The Bikery is now offering professional bike fittings, certified by Bike Fit Systems in our new special fitting room!  A fitting, which includes a pair of Bike Fit Cleat Wedges, is free with the purchase of a new bike or $125 without.  Getting properly fitted on your bike is key to a more pleasurable riding experience!  More information about Bike Fit Systems fittings and the Cleat Wedge in the link below.

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who help out at the cyclocross event that I had on the 25th. It would not have been possible without all of your help and support. Since then a friend of mine has made a great video .

Video by Kevin and Erik at Happy Monday –

There are only a couple of races left this year. Please come and watch these events — they are a lot of fun!

The Saturday group ride is going strong still and meets at 8am. We will be adding a cyclo cross practice on Wednesday night starting soon and will announce the destination.

Also some great classes starting September 29 to October 13 on Mondays from 7PM to 9PM at the University of Minnesota on the Saint Paul campus. The course name is THE BICYCLE : A VEHICLE FOR SOCIAL CHANGES, and the cost is $125.  Call the shop for more details.