Factors to consider buying one craft tent

Factors to consider buying one craft tent

Keep these features in mind as one killer tips to ensure that you purchase a cost-effective display tent that meets your needs.

Can it provide adequate protection against weather conditions?

If you are going to perform a craft show outdoors, you need some kind of protection against the wind and the sun. Only some canopies have sidewalls. When you encounter a storm, you will need them to protect you, your crafts, and your customers.

Whenever the sun hits your booth at a specific location, the side walls can help create shadows, and the top of the canopy does not completely provide shadows for your area.

Is it cost-effective?

When you plan to perform outdoor performances many times a year, you can choose an inexpensive roof. However, if you plan to make the craft show an important part of your business strategy, then a larger canvas canopy will be a smarter investment.

But remember, the cheapest cover is not necessarily the most cost-effective option. When you perform several times, the low-cost outdoor awning cannot meet your needs. In the long run, you will end up spending more because you have to buy better things. To know how much you need to invest in a tent, consider the number of outdoor shows you plan to perform.

Is it portable?

You will set up the canopy and remove it countless times, then transport it to many performances. This is why ease of portability is also a key function to find in a canopy tent.

Also, please note that your vehicle can accommodate a roof. To protect and keep the canopy clean, it should be accompanied by a suitcase. Since outdoor awnings can be heavy, it is easier to transport with a suitcase on wheels.

Can it present your work in the best way?

Sometimes people tend to buy colorful canvas awnings because they look attractive, especially when discounted. However, in addition to white, you should also use handmade tents carefully. Color craft tents often reflect their colors on your display. Some will make your booth look dull and unattractive, making it difficult for customers to see the actual color of your work under the canopy. On the other hand, a white tent will give your work the most advantage.

Is it easy to set up, especially if you set it up yourself?

In the end, you will have to make crafts yourself. It is convenient to bring an assistant with you to participate in manual performances, but this is not always the case.

When you set up the canopy yourself, even if you don’t depend on anyone else, you are more likely to commit to more performances.

Are the tent materials fire-resistant?

Although it may not always happen, performance promoters and/or local fire officers may ask you to show that your tent is made of fireproof materials. Please check the specifications before purchasing to ensure that your cover meets the fire protection regulations.

In short, start using tents to improve business visibility, such as store display tents. There are universal and versatile products used in all areas of our lives, even for our pets, such as outdoor dog tents.

Watch this video “Learn how to setup a 10×10 canopy craft show tent by yourself”(3 mins 6 seconds)