Canopy uses you don’t know

Canopy uses you don’t know

For ordinary people, the use of awnings may remind people of a pleasant outdoor barbecue without being strongly affected by sunlight. For people in the agricultural or commercial sector, a good wind up canopy is an important tool to protect people’s livelihoods. The following uses will highlight how:

Insect control

Crop and fruit growers have long struggled with pests eager to sample their carefully cultivated agricultural products. Birds and bats are two major pests. Canopies made of durable bird nets can resist these curious birds and bats. Canopies can also be customized to suit growing crops, as well as the types of birds or bats that usually destroy crops.

Although farmers’ challenges to pests have been well documented, people may be surprised to discover some lesser-known methods of using canopies to fight birds. Local councils use canopies in their landfills to prevent birds from entering the garbage dump. Protect water bodies from birds by using canopies at airports and mines. It can, therefore, be seen that solutions to very specific problems can usually be found.

The work of insects such as moths, flies, wasps, and beetles can also be very detrimental to crops. Due to the small size of these insects, a specially tailored solution for fine knitting and canopy is a good choice to successfully defend against these specific pests.

Contrary to chemical solutions, another benefit of using a mesh filter is that it can make the environment more friendly and will not have a further negative impact on the effect.

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Weather solutions

Hail storms can have devastating effects. A good canopy prevents hail and deflects them to the ground between rows of crops. These types of canopies are called “asphalt nets”. Although the flat roof canopy structure is effective in moderate hail storms, some bear the brunt of the storm. Even in a storm, the hail angle deflection technology of the pitching net is very effective.

The wind is another element that needs to be guarded against. The wind itself may damage crops, but wind-borne debris (such as garbage, dust, or chemicals) can also cause damage. For the wind itself, a windproof structure can be designed and installed, and for debris, a windshield can be used.

Simple sun protection measures are another advantage of canopies. They not only provide shadow and comfort but also eliminate harmful ultraviolet rays.

Reduce evaporation

The use of a canopy can greatly reduce the evaporation of water. Some products on the market today are specifically designed for dams and watercourses. In addition to reducing evaporation, such canopies can also help improve water quality. By reducing the penetration of light, the canopy can reduce the growth of algae and plants. They can also keep birds out and act as a filter to allow rain to enter and blow away pollutants.

Birdnet not only prevents harmful attacks by birds. It also helps resist the effects of extreme weather patterns such as hail and wind. Solutions can be tailored to solve all problems.

NetPro specializes in the design and construction of hail net protective roofs and conventional protective roof systems. We provide a variety of outdoor canopies and shade cloths: bird nets, insect nets, smart shades, etc. For more information or to view our products, please visit Canopies.

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